Who we are


Christophe is a graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm (mathematics and AI) and holds a degree as a Chartered Actuary. His fields of interest and expertise include interpretable Machine Learning. He has successfully held senior positions in quantitative finance since 1986 in major banks (Lazard, CPR, BNP Paribas, Société Générale) before founding Advestis in 2011. Since 2009, Christophe has also been involved in Artificial Intelligence applied to life sciences. 

Christophe is the Sponsor of the 2020 class of the Actuary Data Scientist training program provided by the French Institut des Actuaires : Link.

He also teaches a course in Machine Learning applied to finance (Master Data Science, ENSAE Paris) : Link.


We are a group of ten AI and Machine Learning enthusiasts who are passionate about solving the difficult problems and challenges that our customers are confronted to.

Research is led by Christophe.

Nicolas serves as Senior AI Research Scientist, he holds a PhD in Signal and Image Processing.

Vincent serves as Lead Machine Learning Engineer, he holds a PhD in Interpretable Machine Learning.

Philippe is Lead Python Engineer. He holds a PhD in Particle Physics.

Noureddine is Lead Data Analyst. He holds a Master in financial engineering from Paris-Saclay.

Advestis invests every year a very significant portion of its operating expenses in R&D, and as such, is licensed by the French Ministry of Research.

Our team has been involved in the review process for articles submitted to the ECML PKDD 2020 Machine Learning European Conference.


Advestis' research and development activities are supervised by a scientific advisory board.

This board is composed of several recognized professionals holding high-level academic or industrial positions :


  • Paul, Research Fellow in biostatistics, specializing in dimensionality reduction techniques.

  • George, tenure line professor of bioinformatics and biostatistics at Georgetown University, USA. Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute.

  • Bernard, mathematician, former Chargé de Recherche au CNRS, specialist in neural networks.

  • Olivier, scientific consultant. ENS Ulm / PSL alumni, PhD in Physics. Recently, PhD in mathematical statistics (Paris-Saclay University).

  • Romuald. Research Scientist at DeepMind.

Voltaire, a multi-boutique asset management specialist, acquired in 2018 a direct equity majority ownership into Advestis.