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Fourier Inversion and Wavelet Transform Methods Applied to X-Ray Reflectometry and HRXRD Profiles...

O. Durand and N. Morizet. Applied Surface Science, Elsevier, vol 253, issue 1, pp. 133-137, 31st October 2006.

Absract: We show that X-ray scattering techniques can be used for the assessment of individual layer thicknesses inside complicated semi-conductor heterostructures dedicated to the opto-electronic domain. To this end, we propose methods to overcome two main drawbacks coming from: (1) the complexity of the X-ray profiles and, hence the difficulty to use model-dependent tools such as fitting procedures and (2) large dynamics in intensity due to numerous high diffraction superlattice peaks from superlattices which limit the use of the model-independent Fourier-inversion method. We demonstrate first the reliability of the Fourier-inversion method applied to high-resolution X-ray diffraction profiles curve from quantum well infrared photodetectors heterostructures, complementary to the model-dependent fitting tools. Then, a wavelet-transform-based procedure has been successfully used on X-ray reflectometry profiles containing intense SL Bragg peaks.


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