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The following packages are available through the usual command: pip install.

Public Python packages developed by our team


A class that allows one to use a path in a local file system or a gcs file system (more or less) in almost the same way one would use a pathlib.Path object.


Class used to produce a ready-to-compile .tex file containing a table from a pandas or dask DataFrame object. Can also compile the .tex to produce a .pdf.


A package containing a tool to send mail and a tool to monitor a mailbox easily. Supports remote directories with transparentpath.


A class to update and/or create a pdf object, and add pages to it. For now only matplotlib.figure and tablewriter. tablewriter objects can be added.


Can cycle through combination of colors and line or marker styles. Colors will be computed from a color gradient, depending on the number of lines to plot, which is given as an argument at object creation, and the number of styles.


A package allowing to merge all html files in a directory in a single file.

Public Python packages to which we contribute



Non-Negative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations.