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Advestis Call for Papers & Projects ESG/AI 2020

Advestis, in partnership with Finance Innovation, is calling for the publication of original work on AI techniques or quantitative methods applied to company data (accounting and finance, ESG and sentiment, etc.),

for which €16,000 in prizes are available.  


 Participants in this call for papers cover a wide range of backgrounds and come from the academic and/or professional world (researchers from asset management, data providers, rating agencies, etc.).


Authors are cordially invited to submit their abstracts, articles or projects in all investment areas of company data, including but not limited to :


  • Strategies for selecting or ranking Issuers, dependent or independent of their activity sector,

  • The processing of time series,

  • Risk analysis and portfolios optimisation under constraints,

  • Link between medium/long-term risks and ESG positioning,

  • Consideration of controversies in the evaluation of issuers,

  • Consideration of controversial activities and, more generally, impact measures,

  • Predictive power of controversies, comparison with other sentiment data.

Submitted work may be the subject of numerical experiments, using AI/ML techniques including, but not limited to :

  • Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning,

  • Deep Learning,

  • Clustering,

  • Dimensionality reduction methods,

  • Signal Processing,

  • Natural Language Processing.




Advestis will support the five selected projects,

within a research collaboration contract.

A prize money of €16,000 will reward the 5 top-rated articles, according to the following breakdown (on prize per article):

1st : €5,000, 2nd : €4,000, 3rd : €3,000, 4th : €2,000, 5th : €2,000.

The 3 top-rated articles will automatically be selected for submission to one of Finance Innovation's partner journals.

All authors will be notified of a final decision by March, 26th 2021.


  • The Call for Papers & Projects is open to both academic and professional world.

  • Submissions can be either in French or in English.

  • Submissions must derive from original, previously unpublished work.

  • Only one submission per author / team of co-authors is allowed.

  • Corporate employees are fully entitled to participate on a personal basis.


Interested authors should submit their work to, no later than February, 26th 2021.

All work will be submitted for reading and evaluation by Advestis.


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